How to Find the Best EB-5 Visa Attorney

It is challenging to prepare an EB-5 petition because the type of paperwork required to comply with the Securities Exchange Commission's investment regulations and the EB-5 standards is different. Thus, finding an experienced EB 5 Visa attorney for the task is essential. If you hire an untrained one, you may not qualify and access an EB5 visa. We give you some recommendations regarding the potential knowledge of these attorneys as a guide to finding the best one. Here are the factors your immigration attorney must have.

● Knowledge of Business and Immigration Law

There are several categories of visas given to foreign nationals, so you should be guided through the immigration procedure by an EB-5 attorney. A knowledgeable EB-5 immigration attorney must know that the counsel's principal goal is to help an EB-5 investor draft the EB-5 visa petition effectively. They should also advise you on which EB-5 project to invest in or which Regional Center has the best track record. Plus, they must be well-versed in business principles since they relate to immigration law.

● Experience on EB-5 Visa Process

An EB-5 immigration lawyer with years of experience handling these cases will have a much better understanding of the patterns of USCIS's review of EB-5 petitions, the issues that have consistently arisen when the government requests additional documentation, and how to craft a strong petition to get it approved during the first round of review. Finding out how many of these petitions the immigration lawyer has submitted in previous years and whether they were successful is essential when searching for an EB5 Visa attorney.

● Strong Understanding of Direct versus Regional Center Investments

Your EB-5 immigration lawyer must be knowledgeable about regional centers or direct investments because they will make several petitions and can be on the lookout for certain kinds of paperwork for either of them. Additionally, the business attorneys for the investment project managers and other stakeholders will probably work together with your EB-5 immigration lawyer. An EB-5 immigration attorney with experience will be familiar with the stakeholders on the side of your investment project managers, have worked on petitions similar to yours, and know what questions to ask them (and how to answer them).

At EB 5 Visa Attorney USA, we understand how essential it is for you to obtain all the documentation required to be eligible for an EB-5 visa. Our attorneys have processed countless cases throughout the years and will actively work on your behalf and guide your current situation and credentials. Contact us today!

Note: This website's content is meant to be general; it does not constitute legal or financial advice. Only a licensed expert with a total understanding of all the information and circumstances of your specific situation can provide legal or financial advice. Before enrolling in the EB-5 program, you should contact a visa attorney with legal, immigration, and financial knowledge.